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What Happened To Individual Personality?

27 Feb

In today’s day and time, the concept of ‘identity’ is rapidly fading. What is fading even more, is ‘individuality’. I say this as a teenage observer who basically spends more than 50% of her awake life mingled with teenagers supposedly all of different….everything. But, now I have been to a good few schools and in most, especially the last two, I have begun to notice a sort of fade in orginiality of personality.

Why An Outsider’s Helping Hand Is So Taboo

11 Nov

What is it that makes it so hard for people to accept help from outside sources? Being an Indian and knowing only my culture well enough, I could only look at the barriers for Indian families. Of course, I admit that there are more exceptions today, but still, there is a widespread disbelief of counseling which almost borders fear.

Confessions Of A Teenage Girl: What You Need To Know About Teen Parties

26 Aug

As a teenager in an Indian school, one would think that the only thing I would need to think or worry about is studies and friends. And this might have been the case 10, or even 5 years ago. Not anymore. Now, if you study in a half way prestigious school, there will be parties. And these parties will be crazy. The ‘crazy’ you see in TV shows and movies. With drinks, cigarettes and inappropriate behavior, which hopefully one would regret in the future.

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