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Why Some Women Get More Oral Sex Than Others

22 Apr

Women regard cunnilingus “as among the most pleasurable heterosexual behaviors,” and some women are receiving and enjoying it more than others, research suggests. Studies of cunnilingus have provided great insight into what is different about these women and why they get more out of sex.

Preaching Without Conviction

9 Mar

You may have noticed that during debates and arguments, some people tend to get loud. A recent study suggests that the loud ones are less secure in their arguments. The article explores whether shaking a belief would make a person more likely to advocate and proselytize—and not less likely to do so, as one would intuitively conclude. The findings are surprising.

Cheer up, Hook up!

17 Feb

We’ve all heard that hooking up usually leads to only negative outcomes. New research, however, says otherwise. Hooking up can be psychologically good for you in certain situations, when it can alleviate depressive symptoms and loneliness.

Why Women are More Likely to Drink

29 Jan

Even though the statistics say that men are using and abusing drugs more than women, women are actually more likely to get addicted, studies show (Carroll et al., 2004). And the sex hormone, estrogen, is partly to blame. Because of it, women need less alcohol then men to get its rewarding feelings. Find out why women get addicted faster.

Orgasm and Attachment: the Power of Touch

10 Jan

“From the first touch to the height of orgasm,” the hormone involved is powerful and addictive, according to Theresa L. Crenshaw, M.D. It is so important, that its stimulation through touch is necessary for a newborn to grow into a healthy adult. Find out how touching those you care about more frequently can lead to a life with “more tenderness, closeness, and intimacy than ever before.”

Condoms and Sexual Compliance

10 Dec

To use or not to use a condom: that is the question. One study shows that more than just health-related factors, such as STD/STI-prevention, are considered when making decisions about whether to use condoms during sex. Condom use—or its disuse—can also be a form of sexual compliance.

Are You a Sex Addict?

25 Aug

Does watching lots of porn, masturbating often, hiring hookers, etc., mean that you are a sex addict? Where does a clinician draw the line between a patient’s use of sex as enjoyment and use of sex as a ‘drug?’ For example, a sexual addiction cannot be compared to, say, a heroine addiction. A recent study investigates the definition of ‘sex addiction,’ what it is and what it is not.

Porn Users Prefer Closer Relationships

15 Aug

Men who use pornography actually have and crave more closeness and intimacy with others compared to those who do not watch porn, as evidenced in a recent study. Contrary to popular belief, male porn users are not loners who like being emotionally detached. Perhaps it is those who do not use porn that fear intimacy.

Moans and Screams During Sex: Another Way Women Manipulate Men?

10 Aug

As the 1989 film When Harry Met Sally demonstrates, women are capable of faking orgasm through screams of pleasure, leaving their partners clueless and proud of themselves. A recent study looked at when a woman is most likely to be faking her vocalization of pleasure, depending on whether she achieves her orgasm during foreplay, intercourse, or afterplay.

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