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Why Some Women Get More Oral Sex Than Others

22 Apr

Women regard cunnilingus “as among the most pleasurable heterosexual behaviors,” and some women are receiving and enjoying it more than others, research suggests. Studies of cunnilingus have provided great insight into what is different about these women and why they get more out of sex.

Is Too Much Tweeting Killing Your Relationship?

21 Apr

Apparently people who tweet at least once a day have shorter relationships according to the latest data analysis from OkTrends, the dating site OkCupid’s blog which analyzes its users data. I guess having to shorten your thoughts to 140 characters and your URLs to every day has a way of shortening your relationships too…

The More Love You Have, The Less Stuff You Need

8 Mar

In a culture obsessed with things, are we getting enough love? Although it is easy to be slightly jealous of your friend or neighbor who has more nicer things than you, it may actually be an indicator that you’re trying to fill a void according to new research from the University of New Hampshire.

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Cheer up, Hook up!

17 Feb

We’ve all heard that hooking up usually leads to only negative outcomes. New research, however, says otherwise. Hooking up can be psychologically good for you in certain situations, when it can alleviate depressive symptoms and loneliness.

Chivalry Is Not Dead: It Just Needs Some Love

14 Feb

Although it might sometimes feel like chivalry is dead, it is very much alive in the hearts of men who are open to love. Just thinking about the L word can lead men to rightfully defend a woman against villains according to new research described by LiveScience.

The Key To Getting Your Date To Like You Revealed

8 Feb

As Valentines day fastly approaches, many women around the country are wondering whether the guy they like will like them enough to ask them out. And those who have been asked out, are wondering if the guy they were asked out by really truly likes them as much as they like him. Well ladies, the more you wonder, the more you will like him according to new research published by the Association for Psychological Science.

Would You Choose Your Pet Over Your Spouse?

1 Feb

If forced to choose between a pet and a spouse / significant other, 1 in 7 American pet owners would choose the pet according to a national survey conducted by Associated Press and Are you one of the seven?

Oscar Curse? Best Actresses More Likely To Divorce

28 Jan

Winning an Oscar for Best Actress is one of the biggest honors in Hollywood. Yet, all this new glory and success doesn’t come price-free for most Best Actress Oscar winners. Best Actress winners Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Halle Berry and Kate Winslet are just a few examples of women whose marriages ended in divorce shortly after they brought home the Oscar. According to new research from the University of Toronto, Best Actress Oscar winners are at an increased risk for divorce shortly after winning the Oscar than those nominated who did not win.

The Secret Message Of Tears

19 Jan

“Tears are words the heart can’t express” goes a really popular quote. That quote is more right than the person who wrote it ever knew. Turns out, not only do tears tell a guy something about the emotion of the crying woman, they also release chemical signals that lower his libido according to new research described by LiveScience.

Orgasm and Attachment: the Power of Touch

10 Jan

“From the first touch to the height of orgasm,” the hormone involved is powerful and addictive, according to Theresa L. Crenshaw, M.D. It is so important, that its stimulation through touch is necessary for a newborn to grow into a healthy adult. Find out how touching those you care about more frequently can lead to a life with “more tenderness, closeness, and intimacy than ever before.”

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