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Condoms and Sexual Compliance

10 Dec

To use or not to use a condom: that is the question. One study shows that more than just health-related factors, such as STD/STI-prevention, are considered when making decisions about whether to use condoms during sex. Condom use—or its disuse—can also be a form of sexual compliance.

Why Both Men And Women Fake Orgasms

11 Nov

It is well know that many women fake orgasms. But did you know that men do as well? This and other facts about faking orgasms were discovered by new research described in LiveScience.

What Your Flirting Style Says About You

1 Nov

Although you might have not thought about it before, knowing how you flirt might improve your chances of getting into the relationship that you want. Kansas University research reveals the most effective flirting styles! What’s yours?

Why We Care About Baseball

1 Nov

As the San Francisco Giants continue on their way to victory at this years World Series, the fans have been following every step of the way. This Halloween in San Francisco, I’ve seen more than a few people dressed as Giants pitcher “THE BEARD” or even as a Panda (Giants Player Pablo Sandoval). And living right next to the baseball stadium, I have lost a few hours of sleep each night as the fans continue honking well into the night after each game, even during the away games! And I have no doubt there will be a big riot in the streets when the Giants actually win… So why are fans so passionate about baseball? Here are some answers from psychology research described by the Association for Psychological Science (APS).

Elections And Sex: To The Victor Goes The Spoils

31 Oct

Before elections were created, the winning candidate was the one who could physically show his physical dominance over his opponent. Now, elections are all about clever marketing. Yet, we haven’t lost all our primal instincts when in comes to the spirit of competition according to new research described in Time.

Gender Differences Exposed

27 Oct

Pointing out the differences between genders is fun and useful, especially when a person of the opposite gender does something we don’t understand. In fact, we are so focused on the differences, books such as Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus are an instant recipe for success. But what if instead we focus on all the similarities between the genders? We might find that we’re not as different as we think according to psychological scientist Cordelia Fine.

The Real Motivation For Committing Adultery

27 Oct

In addition to dating sites like,, OkCupid, and JDate, there is a discrete dating site for adults who want to commit adultery. That site is, and it’s for attached adults who want to have an affair with either other attached adults or singles. Unfortunately, there are enough individuals who want to commit adultery to make this site extremely successful. That is why researchers from the University of Manitoba in Canada decided to study it as described by LiveScience.

Report: Some Men Not Good At Remembering Rejection From Attractive Women

25 Oct

If you’re a woman, you’ve probably been in a situation where you had to reject an advancing man, especially in the bar or at a party (or every party) in college. Many women also probably experienced the same man making continual un-welcomed advances even after explicitly being told to stay away. Unfortunately, in some cases, this could even turn to rape as the man continues to ignore these rejection cues. So what separates a man who understands when to lay off and one who doesn’t? New research from the University of Iowa attempts to find out.

5 Surprising Facts About Falling In Love

25 Oct

Although falling in love may seem like a matter of the heart, a lot of that “Love” feeling actually comes from the brain according to new research from Syracuse University.

Cultural Differences In Sharing Secrets

21 Oct

In the U.S., sharing your deepest, darkest secrets with your friends is a must. Just watch any episode of Friends or Seinfeld or Desperate Housewives or Glee, and you will see a TV Trend of friends knowing everything about each other. In Real Life, sharing secrets with someone is an indication of friendship. However, sharing secrets is not necessary and is even avoided in some cultures according to new research published by the Association for Psychological Science.

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