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Why Some Women Get More Oral Sex Than Others

22 Apr

Women regard cunnilingus “as among the most pleasurable heterosexual behaviors,” and some women are receiving and enjoying it more than others, research suggests. Studies of cunnilingus have provided great insight into what is different about these women and why they get more out of sex.

Cheer up, Hook up!

17 Feb

We’ve all heard that hooking up usually leads to only negative outcomes. New research, however, says otherwise. Hooking up can be psychologically good for you in certain situations, when it can alleviate depressive symptoms and loneliness.

Orgasm and Attachment: the Power of Touch

10 Jan

“From the first touch to the height of orgasm,” the hormone involved is powerful and addictive, according to Theresa L. Crenshaw, M.D. It is so important, that its stimulation through touch is necessary for a newborn to grow into a healthy adult. Find out how touching those you care about more frequently can lead to a life with “more tenderness, closeness, and intimacy than ever before.”

Condoms and Sexual Compliance

10 Dec

To use or not to use a condom: that is the question. One study shows that more than just health-related factors, such as STD/STI-prevention, are considered when making decisions about whether to use condoms during sex. Condom use—or its disuse—can also be a form of sexual compliance.

Why Both Men And Women Fake Orgasms

11 Nov

It is well know that many women fake orgasms. But did you know that men do as well? This and other facts about faking orgasms were discovered by new research described in LiveScience.

Elections And Sex: To The Victor Goes The Spoils

31 Oct

Before elections were created, the winning candidate was the one who could physically show his physical dominance over his opponent. Now, elections are all about clever marketing. Yet, we haven’t lost all our primal instincts when in comes to the spirit of competition according to new research described in Time.

Report: Some Men Not Good At Remembering Rejection From Attractive Women

25 Oct

If you’re a woman, you’ve probably been in a situation where you had to reject an advancing man, especially in the bar or at a party (or every party) in college. Many women also probably experienced the same man making continual un-welcomed advances even after explicitly being told to stay away. Unfortunately, in some cases, this could even turn to rape as the man continues to ignore these rejection cues. So what separates a man who understands when to lay off and one who doesn’t? New research from the University of Iowa attempts to find out.

When Politics Trumps Research: An Interview With Julia Fedor

4 Oct

Abstinence only education programs have never been shown to be effective in preventing teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) according to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. After researching effective sex education for 30 years, research scientist Douglas Kirby found the most effective programs to prevent teen pregnancies and STDs are those that combine encouragement of abstinence with education about contraceptives and how to avoid STDs.

Yet, the government continues to put more funding into this failed method of education as a political compromise according to Julia Fedor, founder of progressive social media consulting company Broad Communications, organizer of the Chicago Female Condom Campaign (Put a Ring On It!), and former Public Policy Coordinator for the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health.

Why Girls Kiss Other Girls

16 Sep

Girls kissing other girls in public at parties or bars has become almost common place, especially after Brittany and Madonna kissed on MTV a few years ago and with Katy Perry’s hit single I Kissed A Girl. Although kissing members of your own gender is not new, the openness with which girls do it today is. A great article in Time Magazine explores why girl-on-girl kissing is so tempting.

Sex Education Gets Public Exposure In Britain

26 Aug

With the widespread availability of porn on the internet, teens no longer have to rely on their parents, friends, churches, or schools to teach them about sex. However, porn only raises more questions than it answers for teens and adults. Unrealistic portrayals of sex in porn movies leaves people secretly concerned and wondering if they’re normal with nowhere to go for answers. So instead of focusing on what kind of education to promote in schools, Britain progressively rethinks sex education with hit TV show Sexperience.

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