Why We Love To Hate Rebecca Black

4 Apr

Today is Monday, yesterday was Sunday, before that it was Saturday, three days since Friday... If you haven't seen the infamous Rebecca Black Friday video, you've probably heard about it via your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Since uploading the "worst video ever made" in February, this 13-year-olds video has gotten over 80 MILLION views and millions of comments / spoofs / parodies / tweets, most of them beyond mean.
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Optical Illusion of the Week: “Hidden Images”

2 Apr

Below are a set of four images rendered in only two colors—black and white. Superficially, the images look like a set of inkblots with no rhyme or reason, but they're actually concrete images representing various things (scenes, people, etc.). See if you can figure out what each image depicts.
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WATCH: When Experts Are Wrong

30 Mar

It is way too easy to trust experts without ever questioning them. In fact, according to the below talk by financial expert Noreena Hertz, when we listen to experts, the independent decision making part of our brain turns off. Although experts are great most of the time, too often, they make mistakes. After all, experts are humans. It is therefore in our interest to challenge and even disagree with them.
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Optical Illusion Of The Week: The Magic Waterfall

27 Mar


Watch the below video as the water flows up the waterfall!

Why You Should Review Your Therapist On Yelp

24 Mar

It is now 2011, yet most mental health therapists don't even have a website! That makes finding a therapist way too much work for a person who really needs help. Currently, you can find a nearby therapist by going through your insurance website, or through the Psychology Today or PsychCentral directories.Yet, both Psychology Today and PsychCentral refuse to include consumer reviews of the therapists in the interest of having more listings from the therapists (which is partially how these sites make money).
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Revolutionizing Healthcare With Architectural Design

23 Mar

What if going to the hospital was more like going to a nice hotel? No matter what room you're in, you have an entertainment center, a beautiful view, and comfy couches for when your friends and family visit. This concept is no longer a dream, Palomar Medical Center West is making it a reality. After all, why should hospitals be more painful than they have to be?
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The Secret Comfort Food Ingredient Revealed

23 Mar

Mashed Potatoes, Meatloaf, Macaroni and Cheese, Chicken Soup, Chocolate Ice Cream... although these food may not be good for your health, they have now been scientifically proven to comfort your soul in times of loneliness according to a new study published by Association of Psychological Science.
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Optical Illusion of the Week: “Hills or Craters?”

19 Mar

Do the dots in the image below look like they're raised or depressed to you? What about in this image?
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Why Unemployment Is Better Than A Bad Job

16 Mar

Over the past few years in the working world, I have met a lot of people who are just miserable at their job. Most of the time, this is a result of having a really bad manager, which is generally a result of a higher level organizational flaw. Most of these unsatisfied people continue to stay at their job, day in and day out, as it keeps eating away at their mental health. I had one manager tell me I should keep a job I don't particularly like just so I can earn money to do stuff I do like during my free time. However, considering I spent way over 8 hours a day at this job, and sometimes weekends, I didn't think that was a fair trade-off. Now, in a surprising new research study, scientists show that, income nonwithstanding, an unstable thanksless job takes as much or more toll on your mental health as having no job at all.
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WATCH: Resisting Temptation

15 Mar


Everyone knows that to lose weight, we should eat more healthy and exercise more. But how do you resist the everyday temptation of Big Macs, Pizza, and Heavenly Desserts? Watch below as Professor Ian Ayres provides some radical and surprising ideas how to resist temptation.

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