Psychology Startups: Depressed? There Is An App For That

30 Jul

Live Happy iPhone Application is a positive psychology application that may be used in addition to therapy to treat depression. Live Happy was developed with the help of University of California-Riverside Professor Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, author of The How of Happiness, which has very high reader reviews on  Live Happy combines Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky’s happiness research and key points from her book to boost your happiness.

The best way to fight depression is to go out and do activities, especially with friends, instead of sitting on the couch and thinking about how depressing your life is. Live Happy is a great application because it encourages users to focus on the positive aspects of their lives and to pursue their goals. The catch? You have to remember to use it.

Live Happy  app lets you choose from several different activity categories, tells you what to do, and tells you why and how this particular activity will make you happier according to a review by Stress Management expert Elizabeth Scott. The app includes activities such as creating an album of happy memories, setting goals for different areas in your life, envisioning your best possible self, and expressing appreciation and gratitude for people in your life. Users are encouraged to keep a gratitude journal, which you can share on Twitter’s Gratitude Stream.  What are you grateful for?

Fairleigh Dickson University has recently approved the Live Happy app to undergo clinical trials to test the effectiveness of the app as a tool for treating symptoms of depression according to Marketwire. Therapist will compare patients who use the Live Happy app on a daily basis as an adjunct to treatment to those who undergo standard depression treatment (typically therapy and medication). This is the first time an app is being tested for Clinical Efficiency as a means of treating mental health conditions. Will this application be better at treating mild to moderate depression than antidepressants? Are iPhone Apps the future of mental health treatment?

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