Is Too Much Tweeting Killing Your Relationship?

21 Apr

Apparently people who tweet at least once a day have shorter relationships according to the latest data analysis from OkTrends, the dating site OkCupid’s blog which analyzes its users data. I guess having to shorten your thoughts to 140 characters and your URLs to every day has a way of shortening your relationships too…

Anyway, to put the joking aside, check out the OkCupid chart of their findings below:

Before you stop tweeting, keep in mind that this is a correlational finding. It does not mean that frequently using Twitter is killing your relationships. Instead it is more likely that people who use Twitter every day have another characteristic that is making their relationships shorter.

For one, frequent Twitter users probably spend more time in front of the computer tweeting instead of going out with their significant others or friends. In fact, OkTrends also found that frequent Twitter users are more likely to use their computer for self-loving…

So if your relationships are as short as your tweets, consider not only stopping your twitter activities, but also just taking more time socializing in real life with real people instead of the people in the computer…

What do you think is causing frequent tweeters to have shorter relationships?

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