Why The Sleeping Beauty Gets The Prince

15 Dec

The real reason Sleeping Beauty got the the prince was because she was beautiful, and she got beautiful because she got sleep according to new research described by ScienceDaily. Just by getting the recommended amount of sleep every night, you can become more beautiful and attract your prince charming too!

Karolinska Institutet in Sweden researcher John Axelsson photographed 23 study participants (18-31 years old) between 2pm and 3pm after they either got a good nights sleep or were deprived of it. The participants were photographed with a neutral face expression in a well-lit room without any make-up and with their hair loose. Smokers were excluded, and participants were not allowed alcohol two days prior to the study. 65 other study participants then rated the photographs for attractiveness, health, and tiredness.

Axelsson found that observers judged participants who got sleep as more attractive, more healthy, and less tired. So the next time you prepare for a date, make sure you get your beauty sleep! Getting enough sleep on a daily basis will also solve many more of your problems.

Do you look better when you get enough sleep?

Article image via daily world buzz.

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