Yes, Eating Healthy Requires A Plan

28 Feb

It seems like everyone I talk to about healthy eating expects there to be an easy solution. I think this comes partially from the fast food culture McDonalds created as well as the “there is a pill for everything” advertising from the drug industry. We are a culture of instant gratification. Yet, it is time to realize that there is no quick fix for healthy eating. If you value your health at all, you have to work hard to maintain it.

In a study on healthy food and planning, University of McGill professor Bärbel Knäuper asked 177 students to set a goal of eating more fruit for a week, while Knäuper measured their fruit consumption.

Knäuper found that while all students increased their fruit consumption for the week, those who made a concrete plan and visualized how they were going to carry out the action (e.g where they would get fruit, when they would eat it, how they would prepare it, etc…) consumed twice as much fruit as students who simply set the goal without a plan.

“Telling people to just change the way they eat doesn’t work; we’ve known that for a while,” says Knäuper. ”But research has shown that if people make a concrete plan about what they are going to do, they are better at acting on their intentions. What we’ve done that’s new is to add visualization techniques to the action plan.”

So if you’re serious about getting healthy, get ready to do some work. This won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Get some healthy recipes and plan your meals for the week. Visualize yourself cooking. Then go to the store and buy those ingredients and prepare the food.

Article image via mom going organic sensibly.

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